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Parking, Burnfoot Farm

From 2019 the year card will come with a “Display when parking at Burnfoot Farm” section.

River Lune

North Bank: For 1500m from the lune mouth to Reservoir Holding Pool (Note: R. Lune is Fly or Worm only).

River Tees

Eggleston Water: Starts just below Middleton-in-Teesdale for approximately 3 miles downstream.

Low Conniscliffe: From the wall at Low Coniscliffe for approximately 2 miles upstream.

Blackwell Bridge: Durham side of the river from the road bridge upstream for 1,100ft.

Croft: Yorkshire bank from the top of Old Peg 50 to the Spa Beck except 30 yards from white steps downstream.
Croft Boundary Map

Please note at Croft, the top boundary is one field downstream of Clow Beck.

Dinsdale: Durham side of the river from approx. 200 yards below the toll bridge downstream to just above Golf House.

Middleton-in-Teesdale: From Town Bridge (near Cattle market) downstream for 1,300 metres to the Lune mouth.

River Skerne

Great Burdon: East side of the river from the hedge above Carcut beck to the boundary of Great Burdon Grange Farm also A66 road bridge for two fields down stream

Croft: From Croft road bridge upstream for 1/2 mile on the croft side of the river only.

River Swale

Brompton: Approximately 3/4 mile at Brompton Village

Scorton Area: From the top of the long green field above Tancred quarry to the limit of the water below Ellerton

Killerby: From the end of the RAF Drome downstream to the limit of the water.


Polite Notice.
When entering or leaving any of our waters please be respectful of our neighbours. NO loud music and NO slamming or banging of gates

Snipe Lane – Controlled by Friends of Snipe Lane, members are welcome to fish.

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